New Update released for iPhone and Android

AV Tools version 1.6 for Android and 1.5 for iPhone has just been released.

AV Tools for iPhone has been updated for IOS7

AV Tools for Android now includes a slide in navigation bar, bringing it inline with recent Google Apps.  It also now has full tablet layouts available.

See the screenshots in the descriptions above for a quick look at what's new.
New features for AV Tools web

A new version of the AV Tools web version has just been uploaded with lots of great new features, including:
  • Tone generator - Generate a sine wave between 20hz and 20khz, or white noise. (Currently only supports Google Chrome v19+. More options coming soon)
  • Search feature - Find what your looking for fast with a link to the search facility on every page.
  • Social - New social sharing options on every page, quickly and easily update your friends on the pages you love on AV Tools.
  • Improved page URL's - Tools are now sorted under categories, for example the Tone generator is found at , this is much better than the former
Android version 1.5 released

Version 1.5 has just been released for android with the following updates:
  • Pro version now has custom frequency tone generator with play in background facility.
  • Answer text is now selectable
  • Improved settings and about layout
  • Reduced file size
  • More bug fixes
Please note Android versions 3.x and 4.x currently have a bug preventing gapless audio looping, this currently only effects the pink noise sample in the tone generator for more information see:
AV Tools Version 1.4.0 for Android and Web

AV Tools version 1.4.0 for Android and Web has just been released.

The latest updates include:

  • Addition of HDMI Pinout
  • Addition of Gel cuts - calculator, a simple way to work out how many sheets of gel you need for your lights, and how much that will cost.
  • Some bug fixes and UI tweaks.

AV Tools version 1.4.0 for iPhone has also been submitted to the app store and is awaiting approval.

Latest Pinouts for Android Updates

There has been lots of updates recently for Android, here is a quick run down of the latest changes:
  • Added the following pinouts
  • RCA composite / component
  • RCA Analog Audio
  • DB25 to Analog/Digital Audio Breakout
  • Magsafe
  • Fixed Layout for Jack plug
  • Reduced file size
  • Added the following pinouts:
  • Playstation AV Connector
  • Wii AV Connector
  • Parallel LPT (Printer)
  • Serial DE9 (RS232)
  • Cresnet
  • ILDA (Laser Connector)
Latest Android Updates

There has been lots of updates recently for Android, here is a quick run down of the latest changes:


  • Added 70v to Constant Voltage Impedance Converter
  • Added Screen Resolutions Guide
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Fixed Error in Beam Width Calculator
  • Reworked DMX Address tool
  • Fixed Jack Pinout Layout
  • Added RCA Pinout
  • Added DB25 to Analog/Digital Audio Breakout Pinout
  • Improved menu navigation speed


  • Added pin outs for ILDA and Cresnet
  • Added 30,40 and 50hz in Tone Generator


  • Added DAW Diskspace calculator
  • Fixed keyboard Show/Hide bug
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Added DVI and Svideo pinouts
  • Rewrite to support future tablet UI
  • New Actionbar UI to match ICS